Shared Services is a way of organizing administrative functions to optimize the delivery of costeffective, flexible, reliable services to all customers. Shared services or shared services center (SSC) refers to a dedicated unit (including people, processes and technologies) that is structured as a centralized point of service and is focused on defined business functions. These functions are supported by IT and IT services for multiple business units within the enterprise. Shared services may come from several different physical locations, and may involve numerous business functions and IT processes.
The definition, structure and scope of an SSC start within the enterprise. Enterprises sometimes engage external providers to consult with various elements of the design, structure, location options and execution options. Execution and long-term delivery may be by internal enterprise personnel or by service providers, or some combination thereof. Consequently, the definition of shared services is independent from the sourcing option for delivery.
  • Big Landscape, Less work Volume of work in each module does not warrant a dedicated FTE for each module
  • Need-based Support Instead of locking in FTEs, look at variable option; taking up work as and when it comes
  • Meet Unforeseen demands Ability to address any unprecedented spurt in demand with minimal increase in costs
  • Highly Repetitive work Process that have high repetition rates, skilled personnel and labor intensive
  • Stable Environment Reasonably stable and mature Production environment with good predictability of work patterns
  • Need 24hrs support but not enough work or budget to have fixed team in all shifts
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