IBM Maximo can be delivered as a services vs the traditional perpetual license model. Maximo Software as a Service (SaaS) is a solution to access your Maximo system remotely from your place of business or anywhere else as if it was in your own facility. Sedin is partnering with IBM to provide the Maximo Software as a Service (SaaS). For more complex organizations, EAM360 offers a full suite of implementation and services for IBM Maximo SaaS.
There are a number of reasons why Maximo SaaS is beneficial to organisations
  1. No additional hardware costs
  2. Pay for what you use
  3. Usage is scalable
  4. Updates are automated
  5. Enhanced security
  6. Expert support
  7. No yearly support fee
  8. High Availability
EAM360 Maximo SaaS – EAM360 
EAM360 takes IBM Maximo Asset Management a step further with Maximo Cloud, proven to decrease the cost of running Maximo in cloud more versus
running Maximo on-premise. EAM360 offers Maximo hosting services like Managed Services for public, private or hybrid clouds. Using EAM360’s Cloud-based Maximo-as-a-Service solution, SMEs can quickly benefit from a flexible solution that is tailored to meet specific needs – from timing to cost-to-use – on a single platform.
EAM360 Maximo SaaS solution allows clients more control over their environments and supports,  this model ensures the complex and unique needs of Maximo clients are delivered and supported within the SaaS model.
Benefits of EAM360 Maximo SaaS
  1.  Shortened implementation life cycle, following industrial best-practices
  2.   Flexible, scalable and Agile.
  3.   Support from Maximo experts.
  4.   Hosting options from Softlayer and AWS.
  5.   Disaster Assistance.
  6.   Secured in datacenters meeting the most stringent physical security standards.
  7.   It supports various verticals of industries.
  8.   24 x 7 phone and email support, SLA guaranteed.
  9.   Industry Solutions.
  10.   Complex integrations and Support to 3rd Party Integrations
IBM Maximo SaaS
The Maximo® SaaS deployment options include the Core Maximo® Asset Management and Maximo® Everyplace. Maximo® Scheduler is available as an add-on. The deployment is delivered on IBM Softlayer as a single tenant instance.
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